Overweight in France

Nobody was born being obese—but obesity is a health issue, that many people face in France, a country where most of its inhabitants are thin and beautiful, French people invest a lot in their ideas to about having a nice physical appearance. Some French do not have time to go shopping or for spending time in the kitchen preparing healthy food, therefore some eat increasingly frozen food, or junk food, that is why the French are getting fatter. Many French spend their time working, and there is not a time for something else, nor for eating healthy food, in addition, there are about seven millions of obese people in France, but the problem is not as alarming in the rest of Europe, where it is faced a big problem with obesity.

However overweight people in France are also discriminated but their condition, this should not happen, and we can take actions to avoid the discrimination. Jan is a young girl who studies law, in the best private university of the city, most of the students—female and male are thin, but Jan is all the opposite, she is thin and sometimes she does not want to go to the university, because her classmates laugh at her, so that she feels shame of herself, even though her parents have talked to her about what important is being unique. and they also have taken to the phycologist to teach her how important is to have a good self-esteem. She has to understand, that her body can change, but it is a process that she has to go through, Jan wanted to become a model, she wanted to dress to the last fashion, that is why she would have liked to have a thin body, as many little girls of her age, but what she does not understand it is that she is a successful girl as she is. Jan as the same to other French spend a lot of time eating products with a great percentage of fat, such as; cheese, and sweet, everything seems to indicate that French know how to enjoy food without getting fat. Maybe they have found a balance that others, like Jan cannot find. but France for decades has been a country with people who are thin and with few underweight people. But for obesity there is not a single solution of medecine ( geoallo dentiste ), it must take into account, many factors that imply the increase of obesity levels.

Richard has had diabetes, he said that happened to him for many reasons, this starts with his family, and because he used to consume a lot of junk food, but now he has changed his diet, and he is eating more vegetables and nutritious food, that can help in his health, even though he feels like to eat sometimes, high-fat food, sweet, these things are harmful to his health problems, but he cannot afford it, he knows that obesity is a threat to life, it is a progressive and chronic disease, it is the result of consuming more calories than the body uses. Now, Richard, every day goes for a running in the morning, at the park near his house, he wants to shape up, but not for following physic standard that reign in France, a country with less obese people, but some of those people suffer for not having a standard shape, that many of the French have, even worldwide, French are known as people physically beauty, the magazines, and international channels, movies have projects overseas the idea that all French are physically nice, leaving outside obese people.

Sometimes it said that we should accept everybody in the way that someone is, including obese people, they should not be treated bad, they deserve respect, but what happens when someone has a disease, and we can help this person to change it, would we do it or not? In fact, we do it. But when we see obese people we have to accept them as they are, even though we know obesity is a sickness, and because people have the right to choose how they want to look physically. so the best we can do, it is to make obese people aware that they are accepted as they are, but they can be healthier if they just lose weight. It is not about looking themselves the thinnest they can for dressing fashion clothes but to be healthy, avoiding more diseases that obesity could generate, this is about having a balance between being thin and being obese, because being too thing is also bad for our health.

There are a lot of people as for Jan and Richard, who have obesity, but being underweight is one of the main factors, in the development of many chronic diseases, such as; respiratory and cardiac diseases, hypertension, some types of cancer as well as early death. Obesity and overweight are serious problems that place an increasing economic burden on people and institution resources. thus it must be avoided miraculous actions or wonderful diets that promise to get in shape without reducing the food that is consumed, because they usually involve a lack of important nutrients, or are difficult to keep up prolonged periods. In addition, they do not teach correct eating habits, as result, it can be dangerous for both physical and mental health in the long term. The consequences that obesity and overweight can have on health are many and varied, from an increased risk of premature death to various health issues, which are not fatal but can have a negative effect on the quality of life.

Definitely the most important of having a normal weight is not simply to like someone or to show oneself off, but simply to be healthy and feel good, having too much body fat is harmful to health and to the body in many ways. The good news is that it is never too late to change our diet and exercise more often to control our weight.